The Apocalyptic Riders

April 4, 2006

Genre: Metal with a mix of practically everything else thrown in.

I came across this band while using pandora radio. You basically stick in a band you like and it creates a radio station with similar musical qualities. I'm not sure what band I did put in when I found this band, it could have been Exodus. But anyway, theyre quite cool.

Also known as "Die Apokalyptischen Reiter", (seeing as they are a German band) which I have to say sounds a lot more metal than the Apocalyptic Rider heh 🙂 .

One particular song I have to say is actually quite amusing but I love it. It is called "Du Kleiner Wicht". It starts of with some quiet panpipes and singing and then it kicks in to some proper metal riffs and drumming about 6 seconds later. Throughout the song it keeps cutting back to the panpipes and then straight back into the metal riffs and beats heh :D. To be honest quite a few of their songs mix heavy metal riffs and beats with other much more soft and quiet musical genres, and they do it quite well.

I wouldn't listen to this band all the time, I also wouldn't choose to listen to them as like background music or whatever while I'm doing other things, but they're good for a laugh 😛 They're worth checking out but only if you're a metal fan. Otherwise you're definitely not going to like it.

They don't have a myspace as far as I'm aware which is what I would normally post a link to on here so you can have a listen to the band, but if you have a look at their website by clicking HERE you can listen to about 7/8 of their songs by going to the downloads section and then music (don't be put off by the fact that its a german site, the word download is still the same 🙂 )




Movin’ Out

April 2, 2006

Well today I went to see this "musical" called movin out. Apparently it was advertised as featuring a 12-piece rock band, and that part of the show was pretty cool (but I only counted 10 heh, maybe a couple were ill, or just hiding). Basically the show was about american history including the vietnam war (i think anyway). But I found the story very difficult to follow. Having seen the musical "we will rock you" a number of times I guess I was comparing that with Movin Out a bit too much.

All in all the musical side of things for this show was pretty cool, can't really fault the musicians playing it and the songs weren't bad either, but I'm not so sure about the actual show. The show has been on Broadway for 3 years, and I can see why it did so well there. It is very very american, and they love all that over there. Apart from the music, it was basically ballet in plain clothes, was quite odd. The dancers were very good at what they do, I just don't the the whole thing was put together very well.

Finally, if you're thinking of going to see this, but you haven't seen we will rock you, see we will rock you, its so much better on so many levels. But I guess Movin Out is ok. If I were to rate it out of 10, I'd probably give it a 5. It wasn't really bad, but it wasn't really good.



Symphony X

March 30, 2006

Genre: Power Metal/Progressive Metal

Having only formed in 1994, Symphony X haven't really been around for very long, which comes as quite a surprise, if you have heard their music. It is well written and co-ordinated perfectly. They have established quite a power metal sound with melodic keyboard lines and strong, powerful vocals.

The band started off with guitarist Michael Romeo forming and fronting the band, however later on the band took on vocalist Russell Allen (still in 1994). In 1998 the band released their 4th album and were beginning to perform live. By this time they had reaped such titles as "The Best Progressive Power Metal Band In The World" and "The Best Progressive Metal Album Of The Year". Apparently the band is curently working on their 7th album (not including any live albums).

Their most popular work at the moment appears to be the album "The New Mythology Suite". If you were going to have a listen, I would probably suggest this album, particularly the song "Of Sins And Shadows". It pretty much sums up the sound of this band. I have to say, they are a very good band, comprising of skillfull musicians who are also skillfull in music tech. The last album which they released was completely done by themselves. Writing the lyrics, music, recording everything, all the studio work and the mixing down at the end.

I wouldn't reccommend this band if you're not too into power metal or you just dont like that sort of sound, but I think it would appeal to quite a lot of people, basically anyone who likes proper rock.

Have a look at Symphony X's myspace page by clicking HERE.



City and Colour

March 29, 2006

Genre: Acoustic

Ok, I had heard of this band before but hadn't really listened to them very much. However, a good friend of mine said I should look at this band next so why not? City and Colour were formed as a side project by Dallas Green from Alexisonfire. Personally, I''m not much of a fan of Alexisonfire, but I think he's definitely going to do well with this side project.

City and Colour at first sound like a guy with an acoustic singing, well that is pretty much it with some songs having piano in the background (and possibly a second guitarist in places?). Anywho, Dallas uses this to great effect with the vocals coming across very well, he has a smooth vocal sound that you wouldn't tend to expect from the vocalist of a band like Alexisonfire. One criticism I do have is that I think sometimes the vocals are a bit overly loud compared with the guitar, I don't know if this was just a problem with the levels when recording the album but I'm guessing it was how he wanted it. When I listen to music properly, I like to listen to it quite loud, and with this the vocals become far too imposing (if that makes sense).

Having only released one album under the band name City and Colour, ("Sometimes"), I am going to list all of the songs Dallas Green has put on this album.

  • Off By Heart
  • Like Knives
  • Hello, I'm In Delaware
  • Save Your Scissors
  • In The Water I Am Beautiful
  • Day Old Hate
  • Sam Malone
  • Comin' Home
  • Casey's Song
  • Sometimes (I Wish)

Ok, now for my personal opinion. I think this is definitely a good band, but it's that sorta music which, you've got to be in the right mood for. I picture it being a Sunday afternoon, the Sun shining in through the big French windows without having a care in the world. But if you're busy or you've got lots of work to do or something like that, especially if you're angry then it really isn't the sort of thing you want to listen to. I can imagine it being quite depressing if you're already feeling a bit down. But if you are in the right mood for it, then I would say its well worth a listen.

You can hear a couple of songs on their myspace page by clicking HERE




March 28, 2006

Genre: Heavy Rock / Metal

Damn good band. Can't really fault them. Originally formed as Fallen Angles when Dave Mustaine was kicked out of Metallica (he was their guitarist) back in 1983 (correct me if I'm wrong) and decided to form his own band. But then the name was changed to Megadeth when he met his future bassist. This also happened to be the year when Metallica released their first album.

They've released a load of albums so I'm not gonna attempt to list them all but they include Symphony Of Destruction, Peace Sells But Who's Buyin'?, So Far So Good So What? and Cryptic Writings (in no particular order).

In my personal opinion, five of their best songs are as folows (there are others but I like them too much for me to list all of their best songs lol):

  • Peace Sells
  • Burning Bridges
  • Sweating Bullets
  • Back In The Day
  • 1000 Times Goodbye

If you were going to go listen to one album by Megadeth and you had never listened to them before in your life, I would probably have to say it has to be Countdown To Extinction. If you don't know them or haven't listened to them before, I do recommend them. Althogh I have put them down as heavy rock/metal, some of theyre songs aren't so heavy and its not slipknot heavy, its actual musical ability heavy, to be honest they are actually quite similar to Metallica in some ways. And apparently they are still an actively touring band but I can't find any details of gigs since 2005.

But yeah thats my opinion, go have a listen and decide for yourselves.

You can listen and find more about them on their myspace by clicking HERE



This blog.

March 28, 2006

Ok, I will be using this blog to showcase new bands I've found, brief reviews of them, reviews of gigs, old bands that I like and always have etc, basically each post will be about a different band or album or something or other. It won't always be a positive review, but you get the picture.